Pedigree of litter

For those interested-here is the litter’s pedigree.

Toots has OFA good hips and clear elbows, heart, eyes and thyroid.  Chimmi has OFA good hips and clear elbows and is getting the other testing done.

Week six

The Toots is as big as Sassy was when she delivered.  It doesn’t seem to have slowed her down at all!  She still goes over that baby gate like its not there!  At  least she is eating now and next week I will add another meal.  Got some darling newborn collars recommended by Ritu today and have all my whelping supplies!  Stay tuned!


Went to Dr. Mary last night.  She did an ultrasound on Toots.  She looked and looked and looked and then said-you have a lot of puppies here.  I can count at least 9-but there are probably more-it is just too crowded to count them all!!!

Delivery is expected November 8-Check back for updates!!!


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