My Achievements

I maintain my relationships with my dogs through positive reinforcement training.  Do a trick-get a treat.  This makes me the most interesting thing in their world  and 15 min of training can exhaust my dogs (a good thing, since I can’t exercise them for hours every day!)



Tootsie and Sassy both got their championships with 4 majors.  As I am not a happy camper at breed shows,I stopped there, although I may take Toots out again next year.  Jake,however,loves to show.  He has gone on to get his grand championship and several group placings.


Ceddy and Gibson have both done well in nosework.  Chinese Cresteds are often used to hunt vermin on sampans or container ships, so nosework is a good corollary to this.  Vizslas are often used as drug or bomb detection dogs, and were originally bred for bird hunting, so obviously they do well in the sport of nosework.  Gibson finished his nosework with a high in trial and pronounced in all elements.


All three of my vizslas love the intellectual and physical stimulation of agility.  Toots competes in novice in USDAA.  Sassy is in Masters(performance level) in USDAA and level 5 in CPE.


Toots spends a lot of her time “hunting” in my  back yard, bringing me in low flying birds and baby bunnies-as well as wishing for one of the squirrels that run on the top of my fence.  She took to birds like she was bred for it and got her junior hunter when many of her brace mates never even found a bird!  She is in training for her senior hunt test, which she was going to do this fall, but I bred her instead.


Since Ceddy was a rescue, and didn’t care for the texture of the contact equipment in agility,I had to find another venue for him to compete in.  He did well in Rally. He is such a funny little dog and loves to learn(even at 8) that we are now learning the moves in freestyle.