My Dogs


Brookview’s Irrevocable Leap at Firestorm

Gibson was my first vizsla.  He was purchased for show but unfortunately did not do well in the ring.  He competed in agility, but only because I asked him to; not really loving the sport.  Gibson loved nose work-like hunting without the gun!  He came in first in trial and pronounced in all elements.

He is now retired and the factotum of my house-announcing all visitors, keeping the girls’ ears clean, and keeping me and his sidekick Cedric warm at night.


Cedric is not a vizsla-but don’t tell him that!  He points and retrieves with the best of them!  I saw him on pet finder and knew I had to have him.  He won’t do the contact equipment in agility unless I put a towel on it-just very fussy about the texture!  He is a hard worker and loves canine freestyle!  His main job is to hang out with Gibson,remind him(and me!) when it is time for dinner and cheer on the troops when they do loopies in the yard.  He also entertains the kids at Halloween!


Ch.Szikra’s Bit O’Honey at Firestorm-

This is a wonderful vizsla bred by Patricia, Alessandra and Soshanna Folz, of Szikra Vizslas.  Thank you again ladies for my heart dog and all the support over the years.  Pat likes to name her dogs after food and since Sassy’s litter was born at Halloween, asked that we name them for candy.  Hence the name Bit O’Honey.  I was going to call her Honey-but it was apparent within the first week that Sassy was a more appropriate name.

Sassy was beautifully shown to her championship by Alessandra Folz. She then took off in the agility ring, only being held backbit my lack of ability. She gave me one lovely litter, all of whom are beloved family dogs.  Two are breed champions and one is a grand champion.  We call her Sassy because she has an opinion on everything and lets me know, especially in the agility ring.  At home she is usually quiet and peaceful and loves to go for long walks in the woods.

Sassy' Pedigree


AmGrCh Firestorm’s Fancy Fella (Jake)

I did not want an intact male in my house, so Chuck Reardon was kind enough step up to co-own this wonderful boy with me.  Jake has excelled in the show ring with his adored (and oh so special) handler Carissa DeMilta Shimpeno.  When Jake is not showing, he rides around with Chuck on errands and to construction sites.  He also keeps company with Chuck’s 90+ year old mother and her dog Pfeffer.

Jake' Pedigree




Tootsie is the puppy I kept from Sassy’s litter.  She was nicknamed the little fat girl, because she got so fat she had to nurse on her back.  She is far from fat now!  She earned her breed championship with 4 majors in a row.  She does agility and will be starting in nosework.  Her passion is hunting.  She will fetch a fallen bird from hundreds of yards away and return with a huge smile on her face.  She was going to take her senior hunt test this fall, but she was bred instead.

Toot's Pedigree

Roy is my new dog. He is a great dog.

Roy's Pedigree