Vizslas can be wonderful dogs-intelligent,sweet natured,hard working healthy and clean with a grand sense of humor.  Poorly bred, poorly kept and poorly trained they can be difficult at best.  I am very careful about my breeding and the first 8-10 weeks of life.  If you are not willing to put in the effort and expense to care for and train a vizsla, you will not be happy with your dog-regardless of the previous care it has received.  Puppies are adorable, but all dogs are a lifelong commitment,especially a vizsla.

All of my adult dogs have OFA cleared hips, elbows,eyes,hearts and thyroid.  They are guaranteed against hereditary abnormalities linked to these-assuming that my puppy contract is followed.

The puppies are raised with puppy culture enrichment methods, including early neurological stimulation, unique sounds, toys and socialization.  I make sure each puppy spends a period of time alone every day to help prevent separation anxiety.  They get crate trained and house trained (although they still have small bladders and need to go out frequently or will have accidents).

All the puppies have docked tails and dew claws removed.  The first immunization is given and they are microchipped.  All puppies are introduced to birds.  They will be evaluated at 7 weeks of age for basic personality traits to try and match them to their new families.

I would like to know what dogs you have owned before and why you want a vizsla.  I need to know the composition of your family(children and ages, other pets, etc) so I can decide which puppy is for you.  Lots of people say-I want a male… or I want a female…  You should say-I want a low key vizsla, I want a dog to run with, I want a dog to show in conformation-as behavior can’t be linked to gender.

I do not recommend getting a vizsla if you have a baby or a toddler in your house,as you may not have to time needed for a puppy as well as an infant.